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Robotic Spine Surgery in Virginia: Mazor X


Thanks to technological advancements, minimally invasive spine surgery is continuously becoming more sophisticated. New techniques are leading to higher success rates and fewer complications. Mazor X is a guidance system that allows an exclusive group of surgeons in the United States to digitally plan an entire treatment strategy before he or she goes into the operating room. This robot also includes a surgical arm that locks into position to provide a port for the surgeon to operate through and duplicate the pre-operative plan. Dr. Leipzig is one of the selected surgeons trained to use Mazor X.

Mazor X Benefits

In a normal minimally invasive spinal procedure, small incisions are made with an X-ray machine in the room to help guide surgeons and monitor where they are in the spine. With Mazor X, surgeons are able to create a surgical plan through 3D imaging software, including implant and trajectory placement planning. In freehand spine surgeries, about 90 percent of implants are placed accurately. Mazor X has allowed this number to drastically rise, with success rates between 98 to 99 percent. Research shows that Mazor X patients experience faster recovery, reduced post-operative pain, and lowered surgery complication rates.

Mazor X and Virginia Spine Care

With Mazor X joining the team, Virginia Spine Care will offer the first robotic spine surgery program is Southwest Virginia. Dr. Leipzig completed his training at Mazor X’s facility in Florida, where he traveled to learn about the robot’s software, practice in the cadaveric lab, and train on all types of techniques from conventional spine surgery to minimally invasive. Virginia Spine Care has since received Mazor X and Dr. Leipzig has begun on-site training.

Dr. Leipzig is a Virginia spine surgeon with over two decades of experience. He specializes in procedures including robotic spine surgerymicrosurgical lumbar surgery, and disc arthroplasty. To learn more about Mazor X or to schedule an appointment, contact his office at (540) 725-9771.



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"I enjoy interacting with patients and helping them understand their condition and treatment options. Spine problems and spinal surgery can be stressful. It’s an honor to be able to treat patients and guide them toward recovery."
James Leipzig, M.D., F.A.C.S.